DIY sous vide cooker

So, I got hold of this heating pot from a Bonamat bulk coffee brewer. Since some time I have been wanting to build a sous vide cooker, but not really been able to find out how to do it cheaply and with the capacity I wanted. Obviously this beast is the answer. Dobble walled insulated, stainless steel 20l pot with build in heating elements and even a tap for easy disposing of the hot Water after use.

This is a quick and easy DIY project but the result is so great that I just have to share it with the world. 🙂

The additional parts needed for this to become a high capacity sous vide coocker are:

  1. 6x100w PTC ceramic heating elements (Since the Bonamat pot defult comes with only 200W of heating installed).
  2. PID temperature controller including SSD relay.
  3. A small submersible aquarium pump to provide some Water circulation for a nice even temperature distribution.
  4. A stainless steel immersion pipe with a PT100 temperature probe.

This is how the assembly looks line inside the coffee pot. Note the extra heating elements installed in a row on the bottom of the pot. Also the PT100 immersion pipe installation is visible in the bottom right corner. PID controller is just above the PT100 immersion pipe.  It is not the prettiest wiring, but it Works and the Whole thing is properly grounded in case any 220V should come in contact with the metal casing!

Wiring inside the cofee pot
Inside the cofee pot

And in the pot itself I have installed the aquarium pump and a stainless steel stand to place the food on so it is not in direct contact with the heated surface.


2 thoughts on “DIY sous vide cooker”

  1. Hi, Cool post, i was wondering if you did some experiments to determine the accuracy of your setup?
    Kind Regards, Robin

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