We live Next to Ringkøbing Fjord, a shallow watered large nearly closed fjord. So it’s obvious that we should have some kind of toy for those summer days where the water is magically calm and begging for something that moves fast.

Which Means: We would have to build a speed boat! A quick Google leads you inevitably to the Minimost site. I have never build a boat before so it seems like a resonable place to start. It can’t be a standard boat, that much is sure so it has to have some Kühlmeier signature. What about a part carbon fiber version of the racer!? Yep. That will do. So part of the load carrying stressed skin structure of the boat will be build using unidirectional high modulus carbon fiber as reinforcement. Mostly for additional stiffness purpose. Where do you get that stuff? Well if you work within the wind turbine blade design business and have your contacts… Otherwise it is not easy and surely not cheap.

I added some Pictures on the build process. below. In short I made use of 6 mm plywood for the deck and sides. 22 mm plywood for the transom, frame and keelson. The keel and stringers were 45×45 mm and 95×45 mm stock wood.

The assembly was made with all Wood screws and all connections were glued with Hempels Epoxy adhesive only the carbon fiber UD was fitted to the lower and upper deck with Araldite 2011. A super stong multipurpose two component epoxy system.

Overall a nice build process. And the result is pretty nice.

With no further ado let me present the fist successful ride where we reached 20 knobs.


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